Who is theMEESH?

Just the FACTS:

Name: Michelle Bee
AKA: Mischa. MEESH. Chelle.
Location: MEESHYland
Likes: Food, Writing, Cars, Photography, Sunglasses shopping
Dislikes: Creepers, Burnt food, Parents who treat their children badly, Children who treat their parents badly

Hello! I’m Michelle. You can call me Michelle. Or Mischa. Or MEESH. Or Chelle. Or… if you’re related to me… you could call me Rose, though you might get a glare for calling me by my sister’s name. Welcome to my blog!

I started theMEESH.com as a way to chronicle my crazy and yet surprisingly boring life. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I feel that this has been helping me find my voice. I’m currently working on a novel as well as trying to start my own business. I battle depression on a regular basis, which makes everything a lot more interesting.

There are several characters who you’ll probably hear about lots, mainly Big Momma Bee (AKA Mama Bear, Mom, and ARGH MY MOTHER) and Daddy Bee (AKA Papa Bear or Dad). If I use the term “my old people” I’m referring to them. I promise it’s a term of endearment. Then there’s Big Brother Bee (AKA Kooyah) and Big Sister Bee (AKA Ahtee) who are only siblings. I’m the youngest and a pain in their arses. If you haven’t guessed by what I call my siblings, I’m Filipina-American and proud of it.

This blog will probably be mainly a FLOG (food blog) and have bits and pieces of fashion and other random things I just so happen to think about. I definitely want to do my best to stay away from depressing things, though I can’t promise I won’t write about being sad, as for the past 6 years, that’s pretty much been my life.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what you read here at theMEESH.com!

1 Response to Who is theMEESH?

  1. cme5125 says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog and my Strawberry Yogurt Chips! Hopefully you find these simple to recreate for yourself as well!


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