2014 Bucket List

Well it’s a new year and now it’s time to make a new list of goals that I hope to accomplish before the year is out. I think this year will have a few more practical things, some stuff that will be back from the 2013 Bucket List, and some stuff that I really want to buy. Here’s hoping that the important stuff gets done and that other memorable things happen anyway!

  1. Obtain full-time employment: I’m currently working part time at a job that I really enjoy. But this is the last year that I’ll be on my dad’s insurance, so I’m going to have to work hard to get hired in a full-time capacity at my job. I’m still trying to figure out if I want this to be the career path I follow. I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards it.
  2. Finish my novel: Damn it, it’s hard to work on a novel while working. Keeping the inspiration alive is my hardest part… because while I have the general idea of the novel down, I can’t find the right words to put down. Hopefully I’ll be done by December and will be able to shop it around in 2015.
  3. New MacBook Pro: Le sigh. I need a new laptop. It’s hard to keep up with social media, networking, and other various computer-y stuff with a computer that needs more body work to make it function as a working laptop. I know I could just get a PC in the interim, but the idea makes me muy sadcow.
  4. Lose some weight: I’m hoping to be under a certain weight bracket before the end of the year. My plan is to get into that whole juicing thing in February, once I get some stuff handled this January.
  5. Go back to school, part-time and figure out my education goals: I signed up for one course this spring, just to get my feet wet. I’m trying to figure out what degree(s) I want and where I want to get them. I plan to pay for as much of it by myself, so I’m going to have to commit to a plan before I actually transfer to university.
  6. Save some money / Work on my money management skills: I’m horrible with money, but now that I’m getting older, I realize that I have to start saving in order to get out of the position that I’m in currently. WHEN I get my full-time job, it’ll be much easier to get more done, but I still have to work on not being a shop-a-holic.
  7. Fall in Like:  Meh, my forays into dating has me wondering if my standards are too high or if I’m looking in the wrong places. I’m not looking for much, but it’d be nice to feel pretty.

2013 was good to me. I made so much progress with my illness, finding my voice, and figuring out some of the things that I want out of this very precious life that I have. I’m positive that 2014 will bring even better change and more happiness. I hope yours is just as good.

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