2013 Bucket List

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One of my favorite forums has started this cool new thing called “the colletive bucket list.” Someone had said that their goal was to buy a bucket and notepad and make a real one, so I decided to do it for him. It got me thinking about my own little bucket list of achievable goals for the year. I’ll probably add and subtract from this list as the year goes by.

  1. Be consistent in blogging here at theMEESH.comI have really been enjoying writing here and learning to find my voice and telling you all about my misadventures, dreams, and goals. I’ve never been all that great at keeping journals and blogs (except for my tumblr, but let’s be serious, that’s really just a collection of photographs), so I really want to get my money’s worth on this one.
  2. Start up my sweet, sweet business – I have so much fun making truffles and cookies (when they’re not setting the house on fire) that I’ve decided that I want to set up a small business by the summer and start selling goods at the local farmer’s market. Do I need a food handler’s license and have health inspections for that?
  3. Get a tattoo or four – I actually went throught the motions of researching tattoos and local artists yesterday and now I have a set goal of getting my first one next month. I’m very excited! I DID IT!!!!!Photo Jan 30, 4 12 17 PM
  4.  photo Screenshot2013-01-17at102230AM_zps62c905a1.png

    Buy this sucker and have an arm party

  5. Get a new MacBook ProI love my MacBook Pro, but it’s definitely feeling all its 6 years. The bezel (that’s the screen frame right?) is cracked, the trackpad is possessed, and I fucked up the keyboard. I can get a keyboard and make it a desktop, because the hardware is still intact, but who wants a laptop they can no longer lug around?
  6. Go on a roadtrip to a state I’ve never been to – Wow, ending that in a preposition bothers me more than the fact that I’ve only been to four states and one is only because I live here. I’m thinking the birthplace of Starbucks is where I’ll go and maybe make a pitstop in Canada. Anyone want to join me in driving Optimus to the land of…. Canadians?
  7. Become a better photographer – I don’t really have the eye for it and my hands shake as if I was constantly in a state of anxiety and just downed a double shot of espresso (which I think is actually the case) but I love taking pictures to document life. I have my D3000, which I don’t really like, but if I could make it work to my advantage, maybe I’d stop wishing for a D7000. 
  8. Go back to school – I’d really like to go back to the local community college (or even SMCC) and take a few classes to further my other dream of being a social media manager. I love connecting with people… through the nice distance that a computer covers.
  9. Finish my novel – I figure one year to complete a 12 chapter novel would be enough time.
  10. Fall in love – Ahhh… amour…. I think this is always on my bucket list. I’ve never been in love. Now that the apocalypse is over, I may as well start searching, right?

So there it is. Ten different and somewhat attainable dreams and goals for 2013. Let’s hope I can finish most of them before someone new prophecises doomsday again.

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