The Insanely Busy Weekend: Food, Gifts, Food, Brakes, Food, Baking, Food, Music…. and FOOD!

I feel... very River-y

I feel… very River-y

This is gonna be a long post, so I think I’ll work my way backwards.

Tonight, I went to my first LA show. My friend and I went to watch a band called Handsome as Sin. I had a wonderful time. I really like their sound and I think I learned a few things/had the most random realizations whilst being in The Viper Room:

  1. The difference between fangirl and groupie has got to be: fangirls = more awkward, less sexy. I am totally a Handsome as Sin fangirl now. 
  2. Headbanging must cause some sort of head trauma. I need to stop thinking like a caregiver.
  3. Plaid. Plaid. Plaid. Plaid. Plaid. PLAID. When in doubt, wear plaid.
  4. Starting a mosh pit is hard. Shout out to the guy who tried to start one. You get an “A” for effort.

I’d go into the nuances of what I like about the band… if I could pinpoint exactly what it was… but I’m the type to like music and really not know why. So click the link, find their clips, and I hope you’ll end up impatiently waiting for their album like me!

After we watched Handsome as Sin, we went to go get noodles and dumplings in Koreatown. I haven’t had it in ages and that place has free freaking noodle refills. I’ve never made it past the first bowl, but I want to one day. I feel like such a fatty. I had sashimi/sushi/crab legs at lunch with Big Momma Bee today too. It’s been a great Sunday.

Kim Chi? Dumplings? Soup? YES PLEASE!

Kim Chi? Dumplings? Soup? YES PLEASE!

I took in Optimus to get his brakes fixed and that pretty much took up most of my morning. I need to go in again tomorrow and get some fluids put in him, but other than that, he’s back in action. I’m ready to drive and be stoopid again!

Love really makes a Subaru a Subaru.

Love really makes a Subaru a Subaru.

While I was waiting for Optimus to get fixed, I went off and got some Red Robin for my forever alone lunch. Cheeseburger, milkshake and bottomless fries? OM NOM NOM.

Photo Feb 09, 12 27 51 PM Photo Feb 09, 12 31 58 PMAhtee Bee and her man came by for a visit yesterday and I finally got a chance to give her the Christmas presents we got her. I picked out a pair of super comfy black flats and some hip and with-it Minnetonka mocs for her. I hastily wrapped them in panda christmas wrapping paper.

Stop hating on my skills.

Stop hating on my skills.

As it’s my birthday month, I asked her for a food processor because well… doing it by hand sucks. So, since she wasn’t sure if we’d see each other again before my birthday, she brought it… unwrapped. Nice.

Photo Feb 11, 1 41 34 AMI took Ahtee Bee and her man for some AYCE Korean BBQ and then we went to see Big K and Little K at their godmother’s house. I have no pics from that because I was too excited. I love Korean BBQ.

Thursday night was one of those nights where I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to bake/make truffles. I worked on Doctor Blue’s Velvet Truffle and the Evil Ahtee. The Evil Ahtee turned out too minty and the DBVT ended up too cream cheese-y, but I like them over all. They only need tweaking, which is more than I can say for the Kooyah. In the evening, I picked up Big Momma Bee then hitched a ride to Pasadena to pick up some car parts and then go off to LA to have some Korean Tofu Soup. I just realized it’s been pretty much a Korean food weekend. Here are some quick pics to see what Friday was like:

Photo Feb 08, 4 09 00 AM Photo Feb 08, 4 15 22 AM Photo Feb 08, 5 35 08 AM Photo Feb 08, 6 28 39 AM Photo Feb 08, 6 48 21 AM Photo Feb 08, 6 50 02 AM Photo Feb 08, 1 15 01 PM Photo Feb 08, 9 09 33 PM

The weekend was so good and I’ve probably gained back all the weight I’ve lost, but it’s my birth month, so I don’t care! :p

Well I’ve got a lot to do later today, including some Beef Bulgogi tacos… sooooo goodnight!

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2 Responses to The Insanely Busy Weekend: Food, Gifts, Food, Brakes, Food, Baking, Food, Music…. and FOOD!

  1. I loved this post. I too think we should celebrate our birth months instead of only being able to splurge for one day 😉

    • mischameesh says:

      Thank you! I’ve always believed that it should be a birth month and not just the birthday (and birth years during major milestone birthdays). Plus February is so short, I may as well make the most of it! I hope your birth month is spectacular!

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