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Los Angeles Day Trip

  Bestie needed to go to Los Angeles, so yesterday I had Optimus serviced because his radiator was low on coolant only to find that Optimus needed even more work, but everything else could wait until next week. Today we … Continue reading

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Bucket List Update:

You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it, And indeed you did. I thought that you would rue it; I doubted you’d do it. But now I must admit it That succeed you did. Well now I have … Continue reading

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The Jason Truffle: A Lesson in Patience

ARGH! I had to take some time off of the Jason Truffle (working on it for The Sweet, Sweet Business) or I was going to break Big Momma Bee’s vintage pyrex bowls with my new, non-Voss-water-bottle rolling pin. Doing everything … Continue reading

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Quick night post: Dad said we should eat leftovers for dinner, so no Daddy Bee’s Dinner tonight. Instead, I’m starting on what will be called The Jason Truffle. It should be exciting, though this cheapo choco seems way too runny. … Continue reading

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Spam Musubi: Pocket Sized Comfort Food

Ugh. I’m so bummed about the kitchen. I’m even more bummed than when I lost my Ray-Ban Wayfarers at TJMaxx, and if I haven’t told you, I love me some sunnies. I’ve been trying since 4AM to distract myself from … Continue reading

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We Should Be On Extreme Makeover…

I wish I was being my usual overdramatic self, but our house is literally falling apart. One of the two bathrooms is pretty much unusable, one of the rooms gets no electricity, our central air is full on stupid and … Continue reading

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Daddy Bee’s Dinner: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Homemade Marinara, Meatballs and Post-Cooking Angst

I swear, sometimes, Daddy Bee is a big pain in my famous ass. That’s a tennis reference if you didn’t get it. He doesn’t give constructive criticism at all, but his face tells all. Which is actually really weird since … Continue reading

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The Chocolate and Pink Zombie Cake Truffles: Part Two

Ahh red velvet cake… it’s so tasty in little wee ball form… UNLESS… IT LEAKS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCARY TRUFFLE CAME TO LIFE! Panic in MEESHYland!

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Sweet Morning Sweet Making

It’s only 730AM here in MEESHYland and I’m really kinda tired. I just got home from transporting Big Momma Bee to her place of work and I won’t be seeing her until Friday night (at the earliest). I told her … Continue reading

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Lots of things to say…

so many feelings and yet finding the words isn’t happening right now. It’s been a long day spending time with my nephews. I guess the words will have to come later.

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