Slow Cooking

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I completely forgot how much cleaning chicken grosses me out. It’s so gross and slimy…. and GROSS. It makes me gag, literally. I don’t know if time will make it better, but thankfully its ickiness doesn’t deter me from eating chicken. Though I remember the first time I had to clean chicken, I don’t think I did it again for a while.

Feeling better is always good for me and my family. Well good-ish. Things get done. Food gets cooked. But the house gets messy. I know that eventually, I’ll be so much healthier that EVERYTHING will get done, but I’m taking baby steps. So it’s all about making sure Daddy Bee gets fed and that the house stays in the same state that Big Momma Bee leaves it.. sort of.

Tonight’s dinner is going to be Barbeque Apricot Pulled Chicken. In about 5 hours, it’ll be slow cooked to perfection… hopefully. I modified the recipe by adding garlic and honey to the onion mixture.

Onions. Apricot. Barbeque Sauce

Onions. Apricot. Barbeque Sauce

Slow cooking seems to be a breeze. It’s all mix-y mix-y, chuck into the pot, and walk away for a really long time. Walking away makes me nervous, but I guess it’ll give me time to have a Burn Notice marathon. Or well, continue it. I love watching this show when I’m doing random house stuff, mainly because I’ve seen every episode so many times, I’m not missing anything when I’m concentrating on cooking or folding laundry.

Hour Zero

Hour Zero

I checked after an hour and the chicken has started to float. Is that normal? I’m into hour two right now and oh the smell is starting to permeate through the living area. I’m starting to get hungry! I’ve got a few more hours and I thought I’d switch to Psych from Burn Notice. I really like USA Network’s shows.

Well I got distracted with picking up Big Momma Bee and getting a food coma and having a sad, so this post is now a day late. Big Momma Bee called me while I was shredding chicken and said she’d be home that night, so after I finished with the chicken, I drove to Mom’s work and we had my slow cooked BBQ chicken together as a wee familia.

Before and after

Before and after

When I told Big Momma Bee that I made dinner she said, “Good! I’m so happy you’re learning to cook. Did you make rice?” And when I told her: “No Mom, it’s a sandwich type food.” She complained. Mom’s not too fond of ze sammich. I plated them up for everybody and mom said it was really good. She went for seconds. Daddy Bee was his usual “It’s good” self. I liked it, but I really should have added less sugar since I used the honey. Here’s the finished product with salad. I was lazy in my presentation and foodtography at this point. I foodcoma-ed fairly quickly after eating.

Photo Apr 14, 7 55 33 PM

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