Week In Review: April 14-20 Pasta and Almonds

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So two things to talk about before I get to this “week in review.” First off, this isn’t really a “week in review” as much as it is a “MEESH was supposed to blog about this two days ago, but got lazy post.” And in a totally unrelated second. I rented The Hobbit last night. I asked Daddy Bee how he felt about it this morning (as I only got halfway through before I got sleepy) and he said, “It’s not so good.” GASP! Shock! From what I watched of it, I am enjoying watching my husband (one of many, Richard Armitage) be a smouldering shortie. But really I probably wouldn’t like it if it weren’t for my sexy man being in it. I’ve got a brain like that. Well, on to the bloggery!

Last week, I spent a lot of time with my new(ish) friend, Miss Kitty, who I am getting to know better and better with each day. We hang out and just chill with coffee and cigarettes in the morning and discuss lots of random things. She came by after one morning to do her laundry because I wasn’t about to let her spend her quarters when Big Momma Bee has graciously OKed letting her use ours. The day she came by, I decided to make Chicken Carbonara… and honey roasted almonds. Actually, I was going to make chicken carbonara the day before, but Daddy Bee was so sweet enough to put all the fixings out to make regular spaghetti. So we had pasta two days in a row.

I adapted the recipe from Jo Cooks, one of the blogs that tends to end up in my foodgawker favorites quite frequently. I omitted the basil and added chicken and peas… and may have used the full packages of all the things I had. It turned out OMG amazing.



I was going to use a Parm/Romano blend, but I bought a block of Romano and couldn’t find my grater! Well, Mom’s grater and she wasn’t home to pester about it. I grilled the chicken in my handy-dandy Ikea grill pan ($14.99!)

Raw meat is so gross looking. It's unlucky for them that I love the way it tastes after. Mwahaha

Raw meat is so gross looking. It’s unlucky for them that I love the way it tastes after. Mwahaha

After what seemed forever for grilling the fat chicken breasts, I got the large wok/pan (it’s not an authentic wok, so I refuse to call it a wok… so should I call it a wan?) and cooked the bacon.

Bacon deserves its own food group

Bacon deserves its own food group

When the bacon was done, I poured in the cream, let it simmer, then added the eggs and mixed those suckers in well. Then I added the peas. After about 10ish? minutes, I took the mixture and poured part of it into a vintage pyrex bowl with some cheese in it (the way I make the Alfredo). I tried to just get most of the cream rather than the whole mix for some strange reason in my head. Also, for reasons unknown to my oversharing self, I have no pictures of this process or the next steps. I guess I was too hungry for documentation. Anyway, I added the pasta and folded it into the mixture in the bowl, adding a little more cheese and the rest of the mixture until it was good and mixed… I need another word for mixed. Intermingled? Amalgamated? Homogenized? Combined. We’ll go with combined.

An Amalgamation of Awesomeness (and Fat)

An Amalgamation of Awesomeness (and Fat)

Miss Kitty partook in this amazing lunch with Daddy Bee and myself. It was a bit nerve wracking to have her there, just because I felt very self conscious. I told her so and she pretty much looked at me like I was crazy, which, I am. She liked it. When I went to ask Daddy Bee if he did… he said, “it’s good” and still had that look in his eyes! GRRR! Well after lunch, Miss Kitty’s laundry was done and I bid her a goodbye. And then got to my sweets making. I had been soaking the almonds since before she got to the house and well, I think it really made all the difference, as this was test two in the Honey Roasted Almonds trial.

Damn glare.

Damn glare.

I preheated the oven for 350F and set the almonds on a cookie sheet. Looking back, I’ll probably put them on foil because it left a really random almond print on my cookie sheets. Oh and I’ll put the pseudo-recipe at the bottom of this post.

While it was baking, I made a 4:1 brown sugar:cinnamon mix and put that aside.

it was probably too much cinnamon sugar, but I enjoyed it.

it was probably too much cinnamon sugar, but I enjoyed it.

I baked the almonds for about two episodes of Batman Beyond, so 40ish minutes? I just went by how the house smelled, because that’s what I read in the previous recipe I used. So once the kitchen smelled nutty, I pulled those suckers out. While they cooled, I heated up some honey in a pan. Once it was thinner than its original state, I poured the almonds into a bowl and then drizzled some honey onto the nuts. I mixed until it was well combined, adding only enough until I saw a thin sheen over them. I didn’t use all the honey I had in the pan.

06 almonds 07 honey

Then I added 1/4 of my cinnamon sugar into the bowl and folded it in until it looked like all the nuts had a light sprinkling. Then I let them set on a pan with foil on it.

I need more.

I need more.

While they were setting, I got nervous about it turning more into brittle than a sweetly coated nut, so I sprinkled some more another 1/4 over the nuts. Then I put them into a bag (when they were properly cooled) and then added another 1/4 into the bag and shook it like the madwoman that I am. I’ll probably use less of the mix next time. Though, I want to find some powdered honey for my next batch.

Photo Apr 19, 4 13 23 PM


They turned out freaking delicious. I’ve been eating them since I made them and now I’m out! I’ll probably make some more tonight.

Meeshy’s Honey Cinnamon Almonds

  • 1 lb almonds
  • Honey
  • 4 tbs brown sugar
  • 1 tbs cinnamon
  1. Soak almonds until they expand (a few hours)
  2. Preheat oven to 350F. Place almonds on a lightly greased cookie sheet (or one with foil). Bake until kitchen smells deliciously nutty (30-40 minutes)
  3. Heat honey in pan. In a wee bowl, mix the cinnamon and sugar together.
  4. Place almonds in bowl and fold in heated honey to taste… or well until YOU think you’ve put enough honey on it.
  5. Add  1/4 of  cinnamon sugar to the mix. Then place on a cookie sheet (with foil!) to set. If you feel that the mix will become brittle, separate the almonds a little (don’t let them get friendly!) and add 1/4 of the cinnamon sugar.
  6. Place in ziplock bag and add more cinnamon sugar and shake that thing about! I mean… really get into it, use your whole body. Work off the pounds you’ll put on after eating these.

Note: the nuts will still stick a little, it’s just the nature of honeyed nuts. Also, feel free to add less or more sugar/honey/cinnamon to your taste. I was just messing around with this one and will probably make it TOTALLY different next time.

And of course the final step in all cooking, ENJOY!



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