No Posts in August? Let’s Fix That…

Hello my loves! I’m writing direct from the beautiful place that is… work. I’m always saying that I need to post more, but good lord, it’s difficult when your computer is on the fritz. How’s your lives been? Mine has been all sorts of wonderful. Of course, there has been some down points, but overall, I feel really good. Who doesn’t love to hear when a person suffering from depression is having more and more good days?

Work is a temporary thing for now, but I applied for a perma-position here at the company. I have, what I hope, is one last interview today and then BAM hired. Well… I know it’s not that easy, but I wish it was. It would be nice to have something permanent that I enjoy and I really do enjoy working where I am right now.

There’s not really an update on the LOOOOOOOOVE front. I’m trying to get out there and do that dating thing, but it’s not really going anywhere. I like someone, but I don’t know if the like me back. It’s like high school all over again. But he’s good company, so I can’t really complain.

I’ve been really into this new hobby called vaping. It’s helping with my cigarette smoking, but it’s not really cheaper by any means. I guess if I was only into it in a strictly smoking cessation type deal, it would be, but like all things that can become a hobby, it has gotten pricey. I’ll try and make a post eventually sometime soon. Or… sometime one day.

I hope to hear from you wonderful people soon and I’ll hopefully have a few more short stories to post as well.

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