Return of theMEESH


Ever since I thought of the title of this entry, Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison has been playing in my head. I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted an entry in my MEESHyrific blog, whether it was about driving, mental health, or, especially, my attempts to not blow up the kitchen, but I had quite a 2015.

I wish that I could tell you guys that the worst thing that happened in the past year was losing my writer’s voice, but it wasn’t. I left my job as a peer specialist for a thousand different reasons (to be later discussed in another entry, hopefully soon). I was blessed enough to quickly bounce back and get a job as a writer (GASP!), but my health issues, which I had wanted to address after I left the peer specialist job caught up with me.

It wasn’t that I just fell off the recovery wagon, but that the wagon left me stranded in the middle of the road, kicked dirt in my face, and I was lost without a road map back to wellness for pretty much since…. A couple weeks ago.

I’ve been meaning to write so many different things since I found the recovery wagon, but I haven’t felt like getting anything down “on paper” until today. I suppose it’s because I’m not yet back on the wagon, so to speak, but I have it in my sights and am madly chasing it down! It’s been a very difficult journey this time around, simply because I really did lose all hope in finding recovery, in the mental health system, and especially in myself.

Living a life with suicidality isn’t easy and oftentimes unenjoyable, but I’m getting through it. I’m unsure of where this road goes, but I know that I have the support of my dear friends and family, and hopefully you, reader.

My plans for the next month is to revamp, get some entries under my belt, and maybe figure out a way to make a little money off this sucker, because I love blogging and telling you guys about my boring and happily crazy life, but homegirl needs money. Maybe I’ll put a donate button on here to help fund my blogging nonsense.

Until next time, fam! And hopefully next time isn’t in 2017!


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