Jason, Sometimes I Wonder if You’re More Trouble Than You’re Worth…

Ten Down, 10984 to go.

Ten Down, 10984 to go.

The real Jason, who these adorably chocolatey sweets are named after is no trouble at all. He’s definitely not anywhere near as complicated as the ganache I’ve put in this sucker. Unless you want to be a frustratingly soft chocolate mix that has to be put back in the freezer after 10 truffles, Jason, by all means, you be that complicated! Sigh. I really need this to work out. Daddy Bee had to turn off the water to the sink in the scary kitchen. I’m gonna be Laura Ingalls-ing it for a while.

I’m thinking of getting a skype number and hawking my Chippy Dough Truffles at birthdays and special occasions. Bestie gave me a suggestion, but I’m unsure if that suggestion would work, as it involves a lot of time that I don’t think the suggested has (or should spend on working on my evil kitchen). Ah well. In an hour or so, I’ll make 10 more truffles. Until then, we’ll see about doing a FB page and a skype number… some cheapo business cards as well. TTYL my wonderful readers!

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