Tuna Cakes: Dad’s Face Makes Me Want to Give Up on This Whole Cooking Thing

With Leftover Fried Rice

With Leftover Fried Rice

I’m telling you, Dad’s face is making me really mad. He says “it’s good,” but his face is saying, “OH DEAR GOD WHY CAN’T YOUR MOM JUST BE HERE TO COOK FOR ME?!” I’m so mad at him, calling him by cutesy nicknames like “papa bear” and “Daddy Bee” are on hold until I cool off. I don’t mind if he hates it, to be honest, I just wish he’d say it rather than look like he’s lying while eating it.

Big Momma Bee came home for the weekend and I told her some bad news (and the news about my new tattoo). I’m kinda grateful for the bad news because it gives her something more important to think about other than overreacting about something like a little ink. I made tuna cakes for dinner. It’s actually only the second dinner I made this week. I’m fairly certain Dad didn’t like the spaghetti I made and then we got into a fight on Wednesday that made me not want to cook.

I have no idea why that one piece is shaped like that.

I have no idea why that one piece is shaped like that.

Anyways, I got the recipe for the tuna cakes from Life Currents and adapted it to use real tuna, because I had real tuna. Woot woot. Well, I’m not saying that the canned tuna isn’t real… but really… are YOU sure it is? My original working title for this was: “Wow, now I know why they call it Chicken of the Sea.” Because while I was cutting it up, it looked less fishy and more meaty. It was really kind of odd.

Photo Feb 01, 4 59 16 PM

Is it chicken… or is it fish?

I had a lot of fun making this one, I think because it required less chopping and more hands on work. Though there was something amok about it when i ate it. I can’t put my finger on it… but it was just too weird. Maybe under done on the inside? I mean, the tuna was cooked all the way…. but when I fried up the cakes…. hmmm…. maybe I shouldn’t have been lazy and used another pan instead of the grill pan.

Fishy Patties!

Fishy Patties!



Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. And I’m making Fettucine Alfredo, which I really like. That’ll improve my mood. Dad’ll have whatever mom makes him, because when Mom’s home, that’s what he wants…. her cooking. Le sigh.


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4 Responses to Tuna Cakes: Dad’s Face Makes Me Want to Give Up on This Whole Cooking Thing

  1. sh0werstorm says:

    They look really nice, I can’t believe he didn’t like them, because tuna doesn’t really need too much cooking, I’d have finely chopped the tuna raw and made them that way, so you only cooked it once if that makes sense, don’t give up, certainly have a another shot at it..

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