Clamshell? But I Don’t Like Seafood…

The First Thing I've bought from Microsoft since buying Office.

The First Thing I’ve bought from Microsoft since buying Office. Please excuse my hot mess in the background.

It had been decided quite some time ago, that Big Momma Bee and I were going to save up for a new MacBook Pro. Alas, with Evil Kitchen being Evil and Optimus Roo needing so much maintenance done, it simply isn’t an option. Besides, I love my little old MacBook Pro. We’ve been through so much together. I consider all of its dents… happy dents.

I had thought of just fixing the problems with it: the bezel, the keyboard and the trackpad, but really, that’ll probably be a MacBook Air’s worth of repairs. I don’t want a MacBook Air though. Too small a screen. So I talked to Big Momma Bee and we agreed that buying a smaller TV and hooking it up in my room would be a good and much more affordable option. Though even that will have to wait until at least Optimus gets new brakes. I’m glad I won’t have to give up my laptop, but I kinda wish I wouldn’t have to turn it into a glorified desktop (even though it pretty much is these days). I guess I could always just get that tablet I’ve been eyeing if I want to go mobile again, but I’ve been doing all my writing by hand anyway.

Being happy is expensive. Who ever said money doesn’t buy happiness must have money. Ah well. I’ve got a keyboard, a mouse, and the guts of my laptop are working. I can blog and write to my heart’s content. Now if only Mom would un-ban me from making sweets.

Oh and if you’re wondering why I titled this “Clamshell,” it’s because apparently having a laptop connected to a monitor but closed so that the screen doesn’t die is called a clamshell or clamshelling or something like that.

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