Can’t sleep? Make food! Salsa!!!!


Well I guess that coffee I had did its job. I can’t sleep. I have no real idea why. I’m a bit anxious about life, but not depressed about it, which is always good. I was going to attempt to make pie crust, but decided against it because I have no freezer bags for it. I might pop by the dollar store and pick some up. Oh! I finished the Jason truffles by the way! I want to work on the whitewashed Jason, but I can’t decide on white chocolate or vanilla candy melts. After I finished the Jason truffles, I decided to make some salsa!!

I used this recipe from this website to make it. Thankfully I didn’t have to improvise because I had all the ingredients. Alas, I am sorry to say I can’t make this post as nice as my normal posts, I’m posting via phone. Really all one has to do is chop up a bunch of stuff and then mix it together. I didn’t keep the seeds in the chile because no me gusta el fuego. I don’t like the fire. I can’t remember spicy en español.

Here are some pics:



Also…. The Jason Army:


Well now I’m going to attempt to sleep and hope Big Momma Bee doesn’t get too upset about the mess. See y’all in the morning!

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1 Response to Can’t sleep? Make food! Salsa!!!!

  1. Snorlitax says:

    Spicy is picante ^^

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