Leaps of Faith

Poor Ryan Reynolds. This is the second time I’ve had this dream and the same result has happened for him. Thankfully every time it happens, he survives.

So I’ve been having this dream, where I’m with a group of guys and then we have to slide down this HUGE ice cap that’s behind Disney World (go figure). At the bottom, it launches us over this huge ravine and we may or may not land on the other side. Yep, that’s why I say poor Ryan Reynolds. He just doesn’t have what it takes to get over the ravine.

Anyways, I was thinking about it this morning and I realize that the dream must mean that I have to leap. Or well… slide and let myself get taken on a ride where I may or may not get onto the other side. A huge leap of faith. I’m rather scared, but I’m going to interpret this as getting this Sweet, Sweet Business of the ground. I hope everything works out. And maybe then Ryan Reynolds won’t have to fail miserably at grabbing that root that’s always there when he just barely misses the other side.

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