Birthday Blues Begone!

Does it look odd half dipped?

Does it look odd half dipped?

Well yesterday’s birthday plans did not go as planned. I had started to get cancellations as early as the day I had asked the people to come, but it was okay then. But as time went on, more and more people cancelled and with each cancellation, the big smile on my face slowly turned upside down. By the time Friday rolled around and Bestie dropped off her gift, along with an apology and an explanation why she couldn’t make it, a dark cloud had formed over my head. Out of the 14 I invited, 7 RSVP’d. Out of the 7 that said they would make it… 2 came (plus my friend’s friend).

Bestie's gift. I'm getting so domesticated

Bestie’s gift. I’m getting so domesticated

To be honest, I could understand why most of them couldn’t make it. Some had work, some were swamped with school, some had family events and some didn’t want to be “that person with the kid.” But while I could definitely understand why they couldn’t make it, it didn’t help me feel any better about it. It honestly made me feel very forgettable. I probably won’t be planning another birthday dinner ever. It’s obvious that it’ll never work out.

Apart from all that, Saturday was pretty good. I started it off like any other morning that I get to spend with both my parents. I made breakfast for my old people. A spomlette, well really more of a spam scramble. There was some leftover rice, which Daddy Bee decided to eat (instead of getting yelled at by me for eating both rice AND bread). And I made a nice big pot of coffee.

I call it... the Spomlette.

I call it… the Spomlette.

The night before I had started on my tiramisu truffles, because late night sweets making is what I’m known for, right? I made the mixture, rolled it into balls, and then popped it into the freezer. After brekkie, I dipped half into milk chocolate. I like the texture, but I think I should use coffee extract instead of real coffee, because the taste of the kahlua was watered down. Hockey Girl couldn’t even tell there was kahlua in it. Also, I need to make a non-alcoholic version of it.

I think it ended up a bit too mascarpone-y.... round two will end up better.

I think it ended up a bit too mascarpone-y…. round two will end up better.

After I made up my truffles… I went and shopped for new birthday shoes (3 for $20!) and then bought some groceries so Big Momma Bee could make more potato salad. I got all dolled up and the last minute cancellations came in. When I got the second to last one, I called Buca di Beppo (which is 40 miles from home) and told them I was going to cancel. We stayed in town instead and had Korean Barbeque and an intention to drown my birthday blues in meat… and alcohol.

All you can eat. I want more.

All you can eat. I want more.

Photo Feb 23, 10 28 21 PMTowards the end of the night, we got a surprise call from someone I hadn’t seen since 2005: my High School Dad. HS Dad is a really good friend who I had lots of good times with…. Hockey Girl being his HS Mom and my Grandma. It’s a weird teen family dynamic with us. So we stopped what we were doing and turned back to where we were and saw him. It was so good to catch up and say hi, though he wasn’t going to be in town long. We’ve got plans to take over Pasadena on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll bring my SLR and try and take some bad photography.

At the end of the night… I cried. But instead of sad tears, they were tears of joy. So what started off bad, ended really well and while I am bummed it didn’t go as planned… it was still a great birthday. February isn’t over, so there’s still time to do lots of amazing things. Well, I’m off to eat some birthday cookies… it’s really nice to have someone bake for me.

Photo Feb 24, 7 55 31 AM

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7 Responses to Birthday Blues Begone!

  1. Jenn says:

    I’m telling you. I did your bday celebration a favor by not showing up with my kid.

  2. Snorlitax says:

    Hey!! Sooo late, but Happy Birthday anyway! I hope this next year of your life you can make your dreams come true!! I’ve told you this already, but I’m so happy to see that you have plans and dreams and the will to live!! I’m trying to do the same here ^^ Big kiss!! ❤

  3. Catching up on my blog reading so sorry for the late responses. Happy Birthday & again, it makes me sad I live on the East Coast! Hopefully one of the years I will get my dream of traveling to California & we can have adventures!

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