On Writing and the “Google-ability” of Research

I finally got back into the groove of writing this morning. And when I mean writing, I mean the novel that has been in my brain for several years now. I guess you could say that it’s crime fiction, involving a strong Filipina-American main character and some killing.

It takes me forever to write something, even one paragraph can take hours, simply because research can kick my ass. If I died under dubious circumstances, my google search would bring up some really messed up things, especially when I’m in a writing mood.

Chelle Bee’s Writing-Related Google Searches:

  1. How long does it take to creamate a body?
  2. Ingredients for homemade plastic explosive.
  3. How easy is it to get illegal weapons into California?
  4. How to make meth

Yep. And then my problem with doing research is I can get so easily sidetracked on the internet. When I’m searching for guns that a small woman can handle easily, after a while I’m gun shopping (I don’t really want a gun). Things like this aren’t easy to search. I’m actually going to have to do some human research and go into a gun store. I feel like it would be the most awkward conversation I’ve had.

  • Gun store guy: “So what are you in the market for?”
  • MEESH: “Oh I’m not in the market for a gun. I just want to hold one… for research purposes.”
  • Gun store guy: “What?”
  • MEESH: “Yeah. I’m doing research for a hitman… well hitwoman.”

I wonder what they would say if it actually went like that. Also, I want to go shoot a gun so that I can properly write about it. That and in case of the zombie apocalypse, I’d like to know how to shoot a gun. I think it would be quite the experience. And I need a new machete. Damn zombies.

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2 Responses to On Writing and the “Google-ability” of Research

  1. Ha! Those search results are going to get cops at your door one day 😉
    Your novel sounds good and if you ever need someone to read what you have, I’m available! I think you should get out and do some physical research. I’m sure these gun experts wouldn’t mind answering questions and further educating you on gun usage! It would certainly be an interesting experience at the gun range. Good luck!

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