Easy Peasy Brekkie and The Cutest Chewbacca You’ve Ever Seen

Photo Mar 02, 7 14 50 AMOooh Lord, do my hands hurt! I’m telling you it’s carpal tunnel. What am I going to do about my blogging career if I do have this wretched sedentary lifestyle illness? How does one even let their hands heal for something like that? Boo hands… I don’t like you right now.

Apart from waking up with hands that felt a very uncomfortable pain, today has been good. I made a quickie brekkie for the parents before leaving to get Optimus an oil change. I’ll give you the ingredients and you can play around with it. But really, french toast isn’t that hard to make, right?

  • EGGS
  • Dash of milk
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • King’s Sliced Hawaiian Bread (which is actually not made in Hawaii)

I think the King’s Hawaiian bread definitely took french toast to another level for me. It was sweet, but not UGHHHH SWEET and didn’t need any syrup. I wonder what pan de sal french toast would taste like. Probably amazing.

So after Optimus got his oil change, I went window shopping at Target and almost bought the most useless thing I’ve purchased since Frank the Minion.

Photo Mar 02, 10 09 13 AM

Talking is a stretch, IMO…

When I saw Chewy, I spazzed a bit. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but Chewbacca (and his people) have always been a favorite. And lately, since Optimus’ power steering pump is all kinds of wonky, I’ve been calling him Chewbacca because he sounds like him sometimes. How awesome would it be to have Chewy riding in the car? Oh goodness. I have too many plushies in there as it is.




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3 Responses to Easy Peasy Brekkie and The Cutest Chewbacca You’ve Ever Seen

  1. snati001 says:

    My dad sometimes makes pan de sal French toast. It’s really good!

  2. mmm, I was going to say ‘I loove french toast’ but I’ve never actually tried it!!! I can imagine i would love it, though. Bread and sugar and eggs.. my three top priorities in life.

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