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My first slow cooked meal: brekkie

As you’re learning to cook, do you ever get that feeling that something in your house is going to blow up? I have that feeling right now. I just popped in my first meal into the slow cooker that Bestie … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Chicken Dinner.

My friend is probably looking at that photo and wanting to smack me upside the head. Why? Because I did something that is apparently not done with Serrano ham. I put it in a meal. I’m not too knowledgable on … Continue reading

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Quick Post: The Shower

You know, I wish that the shower wasn’t my favorite place for thinking. When it’s 31F (-1C for my international friends) outside and the water turns ice cold, it’s really not fun. Especially when you haven’t finished your ablutions. And … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues Begone!

Well yesterday’s birthday plans did not go as planned. I had started to get cancellations as early as the day I had asked the people to come, but it was okay then. But as time went on, more and more … Continue reading

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On Writing and the “Google-ability” of Research

I finally got back into the groove of writing this morning. And when I mean writing, I mean the novel that has been in my brain for several years now. I guess you could say that it’s crime fiction, involving … Continue reading

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Boyfriend or Business

I know that one day I’ll be able to have it all– that I’ll be able to juggle all the random things I want in my life and still be able to have that wonderful smile that you have been … Continue reading

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Birthday, Babies, and a Better MEESH: Getting More Clarity

I really thought I was backsliding. That the depression I was feeling was only going to worsen and I would still be contemplating going to the hospital and complaining that I don’t really have the time for that, because really… … Continue reading

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