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My first slow cooked meal: brekkie

As you’re learning to cook, do you ever get that feeling that something in your house is going to blow up? I have that feeling right now. I just popped in my first meal into the slow cooker that Bestie … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Chicken Dinner.

My friend is probably looking at that photo and wanting to smack me upside the head. Why? Because I did something that is apparently not done with Serrano ham. I put it in a meal. I’m not too knowledgable on … Continue reading

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Quick Post: The Shower

You know, I wish that the shower wasn’t my favorite place for thinking. When it’s 31F (-1C for my international friends) outside and the water turns ice cold, it’s really not fun. Especially when you haven’t finished your ablutions. And … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues Begone!

Well yesterday’s birthday plans did not go as planned. I had started to get cancellations as early as the day I had asked the people to come, but it was okay then. But as time went on, more and more … Continue reading

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On Writing and the “Google-ability” of Research

I finally got back into the groove of writing this morning. And when I mean writing, I mean the novel that has been in my brain for several years now. I guess you could say that it’s crime fiction, involving … Continue reading

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Boyfriend or Business

I know that one day I’ll be able to have it all– that I’ll be able to juggle all the random things I want in my life and still be able to have that wonderful smile that you have been … Continue reading

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Birthday, Babies, and a Better MEESH: Getting More Clarity

I really thought I was backsliding. That the depression I was feeling was only going to worsen and I would still be contemplating going to the hospital and complaining that I don’t really have the time for that, because really… … Continue reading

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Leaps of Faith

Poor Ryan Reynolds. This is the second time I’ve had this dream and the same result has happened for him. Thankfully every time it happens, he survives. So I’ve been having this dream, where I’m with a group of guys … Continue reading

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Losing Momentum

I’m trying not to write sad and depressing posts, but I really am starting to feel tired and blue. I don’t know if it was the forever alone-ness of Valentine’s Day or just some general anxiety building up in my … Continue reading

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Little Things

In the past few days, little things have been coming in that would kickstart what I’ve been working on since the new year started. I’ve also been in the process of looking for employment. And of course with all these … Continue reading

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