Adventures in MEESHYland: Swap Meet

Nesty Bowls

Nesty Bowls

It’s Big Momma Bee’s last day off and I thought it’d be nice to do something fun with her. We always go food shopping on one of her days off but I thought it’d be a great change of pace to do something she’s kinda banned from doing. We went to the swap meet!

This morning started with a traditional Filipino breakfast: Spamilog! Well… what I think is spamilog. For you non-Filipinos, Spam + itlog (egg) = spamilog, so really just spam and eggs for brekkie this morning. Two days in a row that I cooked for Big Momma Bee! It must be a record. It’s weird, as I was cooking, a sense of calm happiness washed over me. It’s really great to be at home with everyone here. Well, everyone being everyone who lives here. I don’t know if there’ll ever be an “everyone” as I used to know, ever again.

I tried to wake up Daddy Bee, but he wouldn't budge. It was just Mama Bear and me.

I tried to wake up Daddy Bee, but he wouldn’t budge. It was just Mama Bear and me.

After brekkie, we got ready and drove across town to the outdoor swapmeet location. Parking was terrible, but we got super lucky! I love going to swap meets/flea markets, but like I said earlier, Mom is banned. Why? Because when we go, Big Momma Bee throws down lots of money on ugly knick-knacks and random bowls/plates. Knick-knacks:Mom::Sunglasses:MEESH.

The swap meet is such a great place to find awesome steals. Or… stolen stuff. I swear whenever I see old beaten-up car stereos with the wires still attached, my mind doesn’t think they were from the cars of the shop owners. At the end of this entry, I’ll show you the haul of slightly unnecessary stuff that I bought that may or may not have been a rip-off. But first I’ll continue with how the day went.

Our swap meet also has a bunch of stalls with fresh fruits and veggies, so we bought a few necessary items for the house. A $1 bag of onions? Big Momma Bee says, “YES PLEASE!” The entire time we looked at veggies, Mom complained about needing one of those push carts that all the die-hard flea marketers have. I’ve been putting off buying it for her because she would fill it with rooster statues before she’d even get any produce.

After we spent hours walking up and down aisles littered with random items we went to my favorite buffet where they serve crab legs and crappy sashimi on the weekends. I love salmon sashimi and if I can’t spend $9183274 on good quality fish, I may as well spend $15.99 for some that’s mediocre.

Mmm... mercury.

Mmm… mercury.

Crabby Legs.

Crabby Legs.

Ahhhh..... save me from the pokey hand!!!!

Ahhhh….. save me from the pokey hand!!!!

So there’s this thing I always do at the buffet that always grabs the attention of everyone in the area as I walk back to my table. I make a towering sundae that turns heads. I love ice cream. I very rarely finish it, but I love ending my meal by making it.

Coffee cake, soft serve choco/vanilla ice cream, whippy cream, and some choco syrup. I'm such a fatass.

Coffee cake, soft serve choco/vanilla ice cream, whippy cream, and some choco syrup. I’m such a fatass.

After the ice cream, Big Momma Bee got some take out for Daddy Bee, who doesn’t like to go out on our excursions *sadface*. And now we’re back home and I totally want to take a nap.

Deals, steals, and probable rip-offs:

  • Photo Mar 03, 12 21 50 PMThree Pyrex Bowls – $10 The best part of today. I wish they were the blue ones. 
  • Photo Mar 03, 12 23 26 PMRoasted peanuts – $5/2lbs: I asked Big Momma Bee if this was a rip-off and she said yes. I’m inclined to think the same. I need some hard pear cider to go with this. 
  • Photo Mar 03, 12 33 21 PMApple iPod/iPhone 5 cords – $12.50: Better than spending $20 for just the lightning cord.
  • Photo Mar 03, 12 34 47 PMTransformers tee ($6), Yo Gabba Gabba tee ($5): One for Big K and one for Little K.

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