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“Taco Bell Can Fix A Broken Heart”

Oh Taco Bell Facebook page, is it that obvious? The dating game at twenty-four in a small city is slim pickings. Thankfully I live close enough to metro Los Angeles and like driving enough to make the trip out meet … Continue reading

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No Posts in August? Let’s Fix That…

Hello my loves! I’m writing direct from the beautiful place that is… work. I’m always saying that I need to post more, but good lord, it’s difficult when your computer is on the fritz. How’s your lives been? Mine has … Continue reading

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Sorry readers, it’s been so long…

Dearest readers, I hope you’ll forgive me for the interwebs silence that has inadvertently occurred here at It’s not that I’ve forgotten about you, my few, but absolutely wonderful readers, it’s just that life has actually begun to happen … Continue reading

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Post-Apocalyptic MEESHYland

I should be at my office working on my novel, but instead I’m breakfasting at my favorite local diner, writing this entry. The smoke from the fire burning in the Angeles National Forest has been brought to my area. It … Continue reading

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Surpassed my original “best ever” view count! Woot. Which really isn’t that great a feat because I’m still in double digits. Thanks to everyone who came by to read my short stories and randomness! Hopefully I can get back into … Continue reading

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Quick Post: Burrito Filling

My burritos may not be pretty or authentic, but they’re pretty good and easy to make.

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A Girl Walks into A Bar

James was out for a smoke. Smoking was allowed in the bar, but he preferred to smoke outdoors. He lit his Marlboro Red and tried to loosen the tension that was forming in his back. All he wanted was a … Continue reading

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Unbridled Enthusiasm

“Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. There it is! THERE IT IS!” I said to my group as I increased my pace. My eyes grew wider as I reached the display stand. I stopped just short of it, as if … Continue reading

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CWMP: On Orange Juice

Dad: ‘Nak, I put on the list, orange juice, por da groceries. MEESH: Well Dad, what kind of orange juice do you want? Did you like the ones I’ve been buying? Like the one with pineapple? Or mango? Dad: No…. … Continue reading

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Over 1500 Miles of {mis}adventure (Part One)

Well the past few seven days has been interesting… to say the least. It was the best of times and it really was the worst of times, but you know what? While the worst times really REALLY sucked, I had … Continue reading

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