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My random letter to NaNoWriMo

Dear NaNoWriMo, This is the second event that I have done with NaNoWriMo and unfortunately I have yet to meet my goal. But today I realized that it’s not about the goal. Thanks to you (and the fact that I … Continue reading

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Gaining Momentum: New Stuff and Hopefully Better Days Ahead

Can you read what it says on the photo? I can’t tell being on the tablet. Today, my keyboard came in the mail and I thought I’d try out the WordPress app on my Nexus 7. I’m not so sure … Continue reading

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Quick Pic: Chicken and Booby Pasta

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Week In Review: April 14-20 Pasta and Almonds

  So two things to talk about before I get to this “week in review.” First off, this isn’t really a “week in review” as much as it is a “MEESH was supposed to blog about this two days ago, … Continue reading

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Slow Cooking

I completely forgot how much cleaning chicken grosses me out. It’s so gross and slimy…. and GROSS. It makes me gag, literally. I don’t know if time will make it better, but thankfully its ickiness doesn’t deter me from eating … Continue reading

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Quick Post: Whine of the Day

WordPress doesn’t have enough cool themes 😦

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Writing and Munching

You know, that Talenti Gelato is totally worth the four bucks. First of all, the Caramel Cookie Crunch is freaking AMAYSING and then it comes in this totally awesome thick plastic container, which being Big Momma Bee’s daughter means that … Continue reading

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

It’s been so long since I’ve made a proper dinner. I’ve been in such a funk, I’ve pretty much only made potato soup, fettucine alfredo, and frozen pizza since I made the sinigang last month. I’ve been feeling better, though … Continue reading

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Oh Towering Heels, Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I wish I could walk in heels. I used to wear them in high school, though I don’t know if I carried myself well in them. And since I’ve gained all this weight, I haven’t really walked consistently in them … Continue reading

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A Boring Blog Entry featuring Broccoli

The best days are definitely the days when you wake up feeling down and you still accomplish all the things you’re supposed to do. As you know, I’ve been feeling pretty bad these past few days and I was planning … Continue reading

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