Mischa the Pseudo-Fashionista: The Varsity Jacket

the nicer one

I don’t really know why I’m showing you guys my boring outfit, but I’m in an oversharing kind of mood.

I don’t really think I’m great at much. I like a bunch of things but I really don’t ever go the distance when it comes to what I enjoy. Like I love photography, but I lack the confidence and drive to really make it work. And I love fashion, but I lack the money and the body to dress how I want.

I’m really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I love the idea of dressing up, but I don’t really have any excuse to do it these days. Lately I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing designer varsity jackets. I love the look of them, but I feel like they lack the awesome that a real varsity jacket has.

I like to wear my varsity jacket at least once a winter. It’s really the only time I can wear it, as it doesn’t get that cold in the fall or spring. Sometimes I feel a little awkward when I do wear it, because I graduated in 2007 and I worry that people will think I’m clinging to my high school days. I like to wear it because A) it still fits and for the longest time was my heaviest jacket and B) it was expensive as hell.

Today’s outfit: 

-The Varsity Jacket: I first earned this sucker in sophmore year (I think) for an academic letter. I also lettered in yearbook and tennis. Am I nerdy or what? I begged my mom for one and she got one for me. The only thing I wish I didn’t do was put my last name on it, even though it’s the popular thing to do with them.

– D&G 6026: My favorite mirrored teardrop aviators. I love sunglasses. It’ll become more evident as this blog ages.

D&G sunnies– Polynesian Bone Necklace: In my 23 years, I haven’t been too fond of jewelry. This piece however is definitely my favorite of all time. My brother bought it for me (as well as one for my sister and his wife) at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii. I just found out the guy has an etsy and now I’ve got the plumeria necklace in my sights. Buy one here!

necklaceTo Write Love on Her Arms tee, Old Navy jeans and UGG boots: pretty self explanatory. Go buy a tee from TWLOHA, it’s a good cause. I don’t remember the style name of my boots, nor did I want to take a close up photo of them, they’re hella dirty. I think my Ugg cleaning kit is somewhere… in the house. Le sigh.

– The Bossi Bag by THEIT: I ADORE THIS BAG. I actually thought about it and I love this bag more than my Coach bags. I really like the style and I’ve had nothing but compliments every time I wear it. I like my bags big, though lately my arms have been too tired to carry my big, overstuffed bags. This bag has the prettiest detachable chain strap so you can carry it crossbody or on your shoulder. But the best part about this bag, is that IT’S A CAMERA BAG! It has this great removable insert with adjustable dividers so you can have your SLR with you and not have to carry one of those ugly looking camera bags. I have a few other girly camera bags and I definitely have to say this bag is tied for first. I do have one small qualm about it. It’ll be a year old soon and it’s got some fraying. It’s probably my own fault because I’m not gentle with my bags. I buy bags with the purpose of using them, not babying them, but I didn’t think it would fray so soon. Still, I want another one… or five. You can buy one at the link I posted above!


Sorry about the poor lighting.

Inside the bag

Inside the bag

Well that about sums it up. Hopefully next time I do this, I’m wearing something less casual. I think I really just wanted to rave about this bag.

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