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The Unholy Union’s Much Sweeter Cousin.

My caramel didn’t end up how I wanted, so I decided to do something wacky. OH MY FREAKING AMAYSING. Now I have to figure out how to get it onto the inside. Two fails make a win?

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Big Momma Bee’s School of Cooking: Party Pancit… For Two.

I miss Big Momma Bee. I hate that she has to do live-in work and I’d much rather prefer that she be at home. She was pretty much a stay at home Momma Bee while I was in junior high … Continue reading

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Big Dreams: Chelle Bee in Business

I was talking to my good friend dahCACK about my whole goal for having a business and well she had mentioned something I had already planned to do should I ever have an actual brick and mortar store: student friendly … Continue reading

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2013 Bucket List

2013 Bucket List. Here’s my bucket list for the year!

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