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Quick night post: Dad said we should eat leftovers for dinner, so no Daddy Bee’s Dinner tonight. Instead, I’m starting on what will be called The Jason Truffle. It should be exciting, though this cheapo choco seems way too runny. … Continue reading

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Spam Musubi: Pocket Sized Comfort Food

Ugh. I’m so bummed about the kitchen. I’m even more bummed than when I lost my Ray-Ban Wayfarers at TJMaxx, and if I haven’t told you, I love me some sunnies. I’ve been trying since 4AM to distract myself from … Continue reading

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We Should Be On Extreme Makeover…

I wish I was being my usual overdramatic self, but our house is literally falling apart. One of the two bathrooms is pretty much unusable, one of the rooms gets no electricity, our central air is full on stupid and … Continue reading

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