I was a very naughty MEESH…

Photo Jan 23, 5 09 25 PMBig Momma Bee said that I could order my sister and I (is that gramatically correct?) shoes for Christmas, however, I kept putting it off. I finally ordered them and patiently waited for the big FedEx van to show up at my door. Unfortunately when I checked the tracker, it had told me that FedEx had sent my package to USPS. I was so bummed to find that my order would not be here before I left for my doctor’s appointment. I actually thought it wouldn’t come today.

I was pleasantly surprised. Big Momma Bee said that I could only buy *A* pair of shoes…. I bought three *evil laugh.* I can’t tell you how many I bought for Big Sister because she only knows she’s getting shoes.



Today’s haul:

Emu Australia Amity Moccasains:

Photo Jan 23, 5 36 39 PM

Minnetonka Light Brown Moccasains:

Photo Jan 23, 5 35 21 PM

Minnetonka Black Sheepskin Boots

Photo Jan 23, 5 34 20 PMI’m so excited to wear them… I need more feet!

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