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A Very MEESHY St. Patrick’s Day: Not-Corned Beef and Kim Chi Cabbage and actual Irish Goodies

It’s a blue Monday here at MEESHYland, well it was a bit of a blue evening last night as well. That’s why this entry is a day later than I wanted, though you wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t … Continue reading

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Banned from Baking: Purple Velvet EVERYTHING!

My beautiful car, Optimus Roo, needs new brakes. And NOW. But alas, like all things, I need to wait until the 15th. When I told Big Momma Bee about my tattoo, I started off with the worse news, which made … Continue reading

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The Chocolate and Pink Zombie Cake Truffles: Part Two

Ahh red velvet cake… it’s so tasty in little wee ball form… UNLESS… IT LEAKS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCARY TRUFFLE CAME TO LIFE! Panic in MEESHYland!

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Sweet Morning Sweet Making

It’s only 730AM here in MEESHYland and I’m really kinda tired. I just got home from transporting Big Momma Bee to her place of work and I won’t be seeing her until Friday night (at the earliest). I told her … Continue reading

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The Unholy Union’s Much Sweeter Cousin.

My caramel didn’t end up how I wanted, so I decided to do something wacky. OH MY FREAKING AMAYSING. Now I have to figure out how to get it onto the inside. Two fails make a win?

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