Well Now I Know Why I Don’t Like Reese’s Cups


Well The Kooyah Truffle needs work in all aspects. Using a semi-sweet ganache for the coating was more difficult than I thought. I also realized that the white choco chips I had were just “white chips.” I don’t know if that makes a difference, but ever since I found that out, I’ve felt odd about them. Judging you, Hershey Co., judging you.

Also, I’m fairly certain I mentioned that I’m not too fond of the candy inspiration of this truffle. The person it’s inspired by is okay, but I’ve always had my weird feelings about his favorite candy. I’m fairly certain I learned why today. The filling in my truffle was grainy. And I realized the Reese’s one is grainy too, though not on the level mine is at. I’m wondering what I could do to correct that. I know that some people like the texture, but I am not one of them. I love Reese’s pieces for this reason, I guess. It’s got all the peanut buttery flavor sans that feeling of “what’s wrong with these” that I used to get when I’d eat a Reese’s.

I don’t think this is a fail. They’re not inedible or anything like that. They’re just not how I want. I don’t want a fancy Reese’s clone either, so back to the drawing board. Though the drawing board may be the only thing that gets worked on, since its the end of the month. I’ll have to wait a week to wreak more havok in our dying kitchen.

Anyone want to loan me their kitchen and become one of my testers in the process? Preferably someone who doesn’t have to worry about utilities hahaha.

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