The Jason Truffle: A Lesson in Patience



ARGH! I had to take some time off of the Jason Truffle (working on it for The Sweet, Sweet Business) or I was going to break Big Momma Bee’s vintage pyrex bowls with my new, non-Voss-water-bottle rolling pin. Doing everything by hand – not having fancy things like a stand mixer and food processor – is starting to get to me. Plus my ganache is still too soft to handle, even though I fridged it overnight. There’s gotta be a better way… ooh a coffee mill!

I did make one test truffle and I didn’t like the way the coating looked. The flavor was a bit MEH. To me, but almost every sweet I make seems to be flawed in my opinion. That’s why I have test subjects. Brother Bee thought the Kooyah was good. So I’m lost. The ganache on that one couldn’t stand the room temperature. How to fancy pants companies do it? Do I have to add wax or something? LE FREAKING SIGH!

Jason needs to have some work done.

Jason needs to have some work done.

It’s really fun working with the Oreos though. I’m wondering if I should continue working with these or make my own when it comes to The Sweet Sweet Business. I want the truffles to be farmer’s market worthy so they have to be pinkies up classy right? Well maybe not for my local one, but one day I’d like to make it to one of those nice LA farmer’s markets. THEN for sure they’ll see through my not fancy truffles and say “GASP! Impostor! Get out of our fancy pants farmer’s market!”

So I guess I’ll keep going. But maybe tonight. I’ve gotta get some things done in the real world. One can’t stay in MEESHYland forever, afterall. Though I wish I could. I’m so much more amazing here than I am in real life :p

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