Los Angeles Day Trip

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Bestie needed to go to Los Angeles, so yesterday I had Optimus serviced because his radiator was low on coolant only to find that Optimus needed even more work, but everything else could wait until next week. Today we found out that Optimus needs his A/C serviced. One wouldn’t think that would be such an issue since we’re freezing up here in MEESHYland (it’s 57F right now), but good God, my car thermometer said the outside temp was 80 in the LA area. We were dying. I always consider my front passenger my “wingman” who helps keep me on the right track and awake when I’m feeling snoozy, but today the heat rendered my wingman asleep. *shakes fist at the sun*

After Bestie got her stuff done, we went and had a bit of a brunch at The Griddle Cafe, which was sort of recommended by my friend, Mr. UCLA (he always posts instagram pics from there!). There was no parking to be found, so I parked Optimus on a street that was designated to be… I’m guessing… street swept today and hoped that the fine wouldn’t be too terrible. It was fairly full at the restaurant, but we were seated ASAP. It was a little stressful for me to be in such a crowded environment, but thankfully I’m still standing and didn’t really turn into a HUGE anxious fool. Just a little one.

Bestie had the red velvet pancakes and I had the Nutella French Toast (I forget the name of it). Mine was AMAYSING. I also ordered a side of bacon because I’m really weird about sweets; if it’s too sweet, then I need something meaty to make me feel better.

Photo Jan 31, 11 31 38 AM

After we went to Surfas in Culver City, so I could check out what fancy pants stuff I could add to my sweets (my aunt says I have to figure out my market and I have decided on the fancy pants market). It was like my third mecca (my first two being the Oliver Peoples flagship boutique and the Dita flagship store, both sunglasses shops, FYI). There were lots of cool international foods and supplies, though no Jamon Iberico…. puta madre. And the amount of cool gadgets and things my brain said I “needed” was endless. I’ve found where I should buy my cupcake stuff now. They have the cutest cupcake liners. They were definitely pricey, but the packages were so large, I could divvy them up and etsy the rest.

Jumbo Paella pan. I don't know how i'd cook on this on my stove... but I need it.

Jumbo Paella pan. I don’t know how i’d cook on this on my stove… but I need it.

Before we left Surfas, we popped into the cafe to see what they sold and I’m SO glad we did. THEY HAD MACARONS. *spazzes* I love macarons, I’m hoping to make them with Big Seester Bee when she comes by next week. But we’ll have to see if I’ve been good enough to get my birthday pressie early so we could make pistachio ones *puppy dog eyes*

That was today in a nutshell. BTW, I didn’t buy the paella pan. Just $15 worth of macarons.

Damn you, wee expensive bits of deliciousness, damn you!

Damn you, wee expensive bits of deliciousness, damn you!


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