Banned from Baking: Purple Velvet EVERYTHING!

There's a reason why I don't want to go into the cupcake business...

There’s a reason why I don’t want to go into the cupcake business…

My beautiful car, Optimus Roo, needs new brakes. And NOW. But alas, like all things, I need to wait until the 15th. When I told Big Momma Bee about my tattoo, I started off with the worse news, which made the tattoo seem very unimportant. One of the items on that list of bad news was the cost of repairs on Optimus. I’m fairly certain a part of her flipped (though she’d never be able to do an actual flip). So after she calculated all the bills and whatnot yesterday, she called me from my room and said, in a very stern voice, “YOU CANNOT BAKE UNTIL WE GET THE CAR FIXED. IF YOU BAKE, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO GET THE BRAKES.” I think that was the reason why I was so bummed yesterday. So what’s the first thing I planned to do once Big Momma Bee is gone for the week: bake!

I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to be a good littleMEESH and just… I don’t know what I would do. I don’t know how I even filled up my time before I started cooking. Geez, I wasted so much time. Anyways, after I finally put my Scoobies for Boobies decal on Optimus, I went on some errands, so that my butter could soften and then came home to make purple velvet cuppycakes and truffles. BTW, if you drive a Subaru, go support Scoobies for Boobies, it helps promote Breast Cancer awareness.

Because Bewbs.

Because Bewbs.

I got home and used this recipe from One Particular Kitchen to make my velvet cake. I just adapted it to be purple. Why? Because it’s February, which means it’s my birth month!!!! *DANCES LIKE A LOON* Yep, the big two-four is gonna happen this month… and all I had was violet icing dye. So, purple velvet cake. For some reason Ahtee Bee thought of Prince when I said I was going to make purple velvet, but wasn’t that album/movie/whatever called Purple Rain? Prince is before my time.

I was really concerned because after the evil that happened last time I baked, I wasn’t sure if I should attempt to bake again. But I cleaned up all the crazy and this time, it only smoked a wee bit and my house is filled with the smell of cake instead of the smell of failure.

Sugar and Butter have Pretty Much Been My LIfe Lately. Call me Paula Deen.

Sugar and Butter have Pretty Much Been My LIfe Lately. Call me Paula Deen.

I ended up using four different bowls which, alas I’m going to have to clean up, but it’s worth it. I’m super stoked for this. I actually don’t have time to make my dinner since I spent all my time doing this, so it’ll be ramen for dinner, but I’m not really hungry anyway. Maybe I’ll just keep blogging while Daddy Bee eats dinner.

Velvety goodness!

Velvety goodness!

I poured everything into two different pans, one for cupcakes and one for just joe cake, then off to the oven it went and then it became this:

Photo Feb 04, 5 15 56 PM

Let them eat purple cake!

Let them eat purple cake!

While it cooled, I set about to making the frosting, which I shall also use to mix into the truffles. Let me just say, a little of that Wilton’s icing coloring goes a long way. I’m so glad it didn’t turn out as purple as my cupcakes!



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