“Craft it, Sam. Craft for ‘Craftsablanca’ “

I told the guy to break my $5 so that I could help him avenge his brother

I told the guy to break my $5 so that I could help him avenge his brother

I’m such a terrible event blogger, I forgot to get all the names of all the booths that were at Craftsablanca presented by A Little Known Craft at the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana, ONE BILLION MILES AWAY FROM MEESHYLAND T_T. It was a super fun event where very talented people sold their wares. I traveled what seemed like the entirety of Los Angeles County to support Ahtee and see what I could buy with the wee amount of moolah I had. Alas, the bulk of my money went to food, as usual, and then I couldn’t decide on what I wanted. The event was totally awesome (like oh my God!) and I really enjoyed myself.

Hockey Girl and I made the trek in the afternoon and found the place fairly easily, the F+ Gallery isn’t too far off of the 5 freeway. It was street parking, where I, Miss Chelle Bee, parallel parked!!! WITHOUT having to ask my companion to get out of the car to direct me! I’m so proud. Also, stop judging me and my lack of parallel parking skills, it’s not a necessary talent to have in MEESHYland.

After we parked, we went immediately to give my sister the support sticks I made for her… which I actually didn’t taste before I made them, but she told me later that she liked them, so all is well. I tried to take some nice, only slightly fuzzy photos of her and her booth, but alas, the hands and camera settings were not working with me, so I have no pics to show you of my sister’s beautiful booth. But! you can go buy her jewelry at AhteesDesigns (yes, I’m mentioning it again… go buy now! please?)

Support Sticks: Reese's Pieces, Crunch, Coco-Almond, M&M, Oreo

Support Sticks: Reese’s Pieces, Crunch, Coco-Almond, M&M, Oreo

Then, after taking a few photos and talking a bit with Ahtee, my SIL came with Big K and Little K and then… it came. THE HUNGER came thundering saying, in a not-so-menacing voice, “Please feed me!” So Hockey Girl, Big K, and I walked outside where DOGZILLA (RAWR!) was parked outside. Big K was paying for his own food (he’s so big now!! /auntie moment) and took ages to order a plain wiener, garlic fries and a coke. Hockey Girl ordered the Dogzilla (all beef frank with grilled onions, avocado, Japanese mayo, homemade teriyaki sauce, furiyake, and bacon bits on a King’s Hawaiian Bun) and I had the Loco Moco Dog (an All beef frank with grilled onions, spam, homemade gravy, and all topped with a fried egg with ao nori and green onions. Served on a King’s Hawaiian roll bun). The photo at the top of this post was their totally hilarious tip jar. If you get a chance to eat at the Dogzilla truck, don’t forget to tip, his brother must be avenged!

Ono Grindzzzzzzz

Ono Grindzzzzzzz

Craftsablanca was definitely a great event for all ages with lots of groovy things for sale. If you get a chance or are in the Santa Ana area,  you should definitely go to the events planned by A Little Known Craft.

01 Pirls Gone Wild 02 Fair and Square 03 Bows 04 AudreyMillerPins 05 AudreyMillerArt 06 AZVKA 07 Jewelry 08 PaPeeYay 09 Yeti 10 Scotty's Cottage 11 jewelry 12 bloody hellI need to add links… but Big Momma Bee is saying that if I don’t put the new registration sticker on Optimus, she’ll kick my butt. So I’ll end this here. But yeah, check out A Little Known Craft for more info!


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