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Boyfriend or Business

I know that one day I’ll be able to have it all– that I’ll be able to juggle all the random things I want in my life and still be able to have that wonderful smile that you have been … Continue reading

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Birthday, Babies, and a Better MEESH: Getting More Clarity

I really thought I was backsliding. That the depression I was feeling was only going to worsen and I would still be contemplating going to the hospital and complaining that I don’t really have the time for that, because really… … Continue reading

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Little Things

In the past few days, little things have been coming in that would kickstart what I’ve been working on since the new year started. I’ve also been in the process of looking for employment. And of course with all these … Continue reading

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Sweet Morning Sweet Making

It’s only 730AM here in MEESHYland and I’m really kinda tired. I just got home from transporting Big Momma Bee to her place of work and I won’t be seeing her until Friday night (at the earliest). I told her … Continue reading

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ARGH! Arghety ARGH ARGH!!!!! ARGH! I’m not auditioning to be a pirate, but I’m definitely in an angry pirate mood. No pics for this one, simply because I’m much too embarrassed about the entire situation. 

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