Sweet Morning Sweet Making

It’s only 730AM here in MEESHYland and I’m really kinda tired. I just got home from transporting Big Momma Bee to her place of work and I won’t be seeing her until Friday night (at the earliest). I told her before we left that I didn’t want her to go and I think she started to sniffle. T_T Poor Big Momma Bee. I was 100% genuine in that feeling by the way. I am so used to having my mom around all the time that her working this much is making me really sad. Well… not depressed sad, but more like a “MOMMMMMMAAAAAAAA I MISS YOU” sad. I wish she could find a job that would mean she’d get to come home at night, but in her line of work, you take what you can get.

After I dropped off Big Momma Bee, I went and got a coffee at 7-11 (my Starbucks card is empty) and noticed that even after mad washing, I still have hands that look like they’ve been cleaning up a murder site. Really, it’s just red velvet dye. Today’s testing involves red velvet box cake and some trial and error. Red velvet cake truffles… you shall be done this morning!

I baked the cake last night at Kooyah’s and transported it home via my car, Optimus Roo. You can omit this step if your kitchen isn’t possessed by the devil like mine. I’m glad I went there… who doesn’t love spending time with their rambunctious nephews? My back doesn’t, but my heart loves it. We I made brownies as Big K watched youtube videos and Little K was being cute saying “yo gabba gabba” in his bb 1 year old voice. Little K will be 2 in …. June? I’m bad with birthdays and ages. Like Big K is gonna be… 9? I want him to still be a baby and spend all his time with me.

The most off road action he gets lately

The most off road action he gets lately

Anyways, I came home with a tray full of red velvet box cake and was assaulted with questions by Big Momma Bee. I had brought her with me earlier, but had to drop her back home because Daddy Bee wasn’t feeling well. Her main question was… “Why deed choo bring home deh cayke? I tot choo were making it por deh boys?” And then I had to explain I made two and she said, “AY. Making more mess nanaman (again)” and then asked for a slice of cake.

I then proceeded to mix the cake with some cream cheese to work and then let it sit overnight.

Looks more like ground meat.

Today I’m gonna roll them into balls and then dip those suckers. I hope it tastes good. Will update later! Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to Sweet Morning Sweet Making

  1. Rose says:

    DUDE. Looks so good.

    Also, Big K- 9 this year.
    Little K- 2 on June 16th. I can never remember Kai’s bday day.

    Is red velvet someone’s? I like red velvet cake.

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