New Story Idea?

I love making chocolate. It’s got all the excitement of cooking meth, but without the pesky risk of blowing up your house.

I love making up stories. One day I hope to actually finish writing one onto a tangible piece of paper. It often starts off with one line. Usually the beginning of a story, like the one I posted above. My stories are usually inspired by what I’m doing or enjoying at the moment… or perhaps not enjoying, as I have thought up some very sad, sad stories.

The best part for me is the character development. I enjoy making people’s backstories and fleshing out their life up to the point where the story is read by the reader. I’m good with beginnings. Okay with endings. And TERRIBLE at middles. I’m fairly sure I’m the same in real life.

I thought that this little line was fun and catchy and would encourage readers to learn more about this character that I have yet to develop. I honestly don’t know how realistic it is to meth making, but once I do a bit of research (combined with the paranoia that people will actually think I’m getting into meth), I will probably feel a bit more comfortable with it. Or uncomfortable and scrap the entire idea.

I think it would be super fun to write a story about a young woman who is newly released from prison after manufacturing meth and tries to turn her life around and become a chocolatier, only to have her house blow up while she’s making chocolate. Did that grab your attention? I hope it did. The visual in my head is a bit humorous.

This will probably sit on the back burner for a few years until I pick it back up again. After all, I do have at least two other stories to finish (well, one to finish and one to start), before I begin on this one.

And even if I don’t end up writing about this girl, it was definitely a fun idea to begin with.

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