Creamy Kale, Sausage and Potato Soup: Kasageto Soup?

Photo Jan 25, 5 34 56 PM

OH MY GOD. I completely forgot my area had a small business butcher. I had complained and complained about wanted an actual butcher in our area that I forgot about Ben’s Market. I kinda wish the butcher was like Mr. Green from Hey Arnold, but I didn’t even see the butcher. I saw some young person who was talking to the young cashier as I perused the small market. 

I had every intention of making imitation Zuppa Toscana (is that even real Tuscan soup??), but I got distracted by my candy making and business dreams that I forgot to buy the spices. I couldn’t put off using the italian sausage I bought from the butcher though so……………… I improvised.

I’m currently waiting to try it out. The house smells like an awkward mix of coconut oil (because that’s all I had on hand) and italian sausage. The weird smell has me a bit on the frightened side. But I won’t call this a misadventure until I try the soup. I really want to leave it here and pick up Big Momma Bee, but Daddy Bee cannot be relied upon to watch my cooking pot. So I still have to wait a long time to try my concoction.

I forgot how fragrant italian sausage is. I opened up the cute, white paper wrapped package and I did that whole “eyes closed, big whiff, bigger smile” thing that all the chefs seem to do in the movies. It was totally amazing. I’ll have to buy some more and really attempt the Olive Garden Soup.

*Picks up Momma Bee*

I’m back and have finally tasted the Kasageto soup… It’s pretty good, but definitely lacks the spice because I had no red pepper flakes but it was good soup for a rainy day. Momma Bee and Daddy Bee both seemed to like it, though Daddy Bee probably shouldn’t have eaten it.

The weird commentary that mom gave me was: “You’re becoming a good chef. Now you can get married.”


Photo Jan 25, 7 02 29 PM

Marriage Worthy Soup????

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