The Kooyah: Big Brother Bee’s Truffle?

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I’m sitting here eating leftover soup while waiting for The Kooyah Truffle to set in the fridge. I’m practicing my truffling skills for The Sweet Sweet Business. I started them last night… with peanut butter. OM NOM NOM. I guess. 

Two Different styles. Added a hint of ghirardelli's cocoa to the one in the wrappers

Two Different styles. Added a hint of ghirardelli’s cocoa to the one in the wrappers

I say “I guess” because I’m kinda still sick of peanut butter. But when it comes to Big Brother Bee, it is definitely what I think of when I think of his kind of chocolates. He loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so for The Sweet, Sweet Business I figure he’d be perfect inspiration for a sweet.

“Kooyah” is the way I pronounce the Filipino word for Big Brother, which is actually spelled “Kuya.” At ten years older than I am, he’s the oldest! of the three of us. There’s only a year and a half between Big Sister Bee and myself.

Anyways, I left the filling to set overnight and went about making the ganache. Let me just say those Wilton candy melts are definitely easier to work with than actual chocolate, but I wanted to use the choco I had. I rolled the filling in the ganache and made a hot mess of things, but it’s all good. I’m still in the testing phase. Plus I cheated on the peanut butter, only using Skippy. I want to handmake it once I start up ze biz.

Dayum you is ooglay

Dayum you is ooglay

I tried my hand at decorating today as well. I used a white chip drizzle… It too needs work, but I still say not bad for my first time with a pastry bag and earthquake shaking hands. I hope they taste good!

Drizzling skills!

Drizzling skills?


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