You Can Add an R to that N Now!!!

I like to give my friends who graduate from the nursing program nursing build a bears!

Congratulations to my bestie for passing her NCLEX-RN! It’s official! She’s an RN now and will be subjected to questions about random symptoms her family and friends (like me bwahhaa) will have. For your Ti, for your family, and most of all for YOU. You showed anyone who judges young mothers that you can do it– you can succeed at rolling with the punches and adapting to your environment like a badass chameleon. I’m so proud of you!

Let me tell you about my best friend. Before I met her, I hadn’t had a best friend in ages. I had my siblings, who I considered my best friends, but I hadn’t thought of a friend who was so close I could call them family. I didn’t even want to call her my best friend in the beginning, because I was really scared it would jinx our friendship.

I met The Bestie in 2008. I had just started going to my local community college after spending my first semester out of high school being really and utterly depressed. I left University and two months into being home, I had been admitted into the hospital. I spent Halloween in a psych unit with some very interesting characters. But I digress…

I met The Bestie in my psych class and on the very first day, I’m fairly sure I told her almost everything about my crazy little life. I was really comfortable talking to her. She’s got that aura, you know? I ended up dropping that class; it hit way too close to home at the time (actually, I haven’t taken Psych 101 since either). But I kept in contact with the cool girl I met through a now dead Myspace. She had the title of “Psych Girl” in my very first iPhone. Yep. I had an iPhone before everyone else I knew did. I’m such a trend setter.

So then a whole bunch of things happened and she became the best friend I have today (I’m SOOOOO not going into 5 years of friend stories in one entry!). Every time I think about wishing that I had stayed in university, I remember that I would have never met her.

Honestly, she’s the best friend I have ever had. I am comfortable talking to her about anything, even the things I could never bring myself to tell my sister. AND she can give me criticism and I never feel like she wants to stop being my friend because of it (though there was this one time, but that’s over and was pretty much all in my head). There’s only one thing that would make her perfect: if she knew a guy who drove an Aspen White Subaru STi, rode a Ducati motorbike, had a great job, looked like Richard Armitage/Gerard Butler/Hugh Jackman and was into me. But hey, nobody perfect.

So again, congratulations to my best friend. You are an amaysing person, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! We’re all so proud of you and are so glad to have been part of your adventure. Also, once you get settled in a job…. I totally want a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag for a Christmas/Birthday gift. ❤ Love you!

PS: Big Momma Bee just woke up… I told her you passed and she said:

“Berry GOOD. Tank you.”

Their door was locked. I don’t want to know what was going on there /scarredforlife

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1 Response to You Can Add an R to that N Now!!!

  1. Jenn says:

    All the feels. T_T

    You were part of this adventure just as much as anybody else! This is for you too!!

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