We Should Be On Extreme Makeover…

I wish I was being my usual overdramatic self, but our house is literally falling apart. One of the two bathrooms is pretty much unusable, one of the rooms gets no electricity, our central air is full on stupid and now our kitchen is dying. My three person family can pretty much live with the first three, but that last one well, if you find a way to live without food, let me know. I have this very deep fear that the kitchen sink is going to fall and when I wake up everything will be flooded. It looks to be on its last legs.

I really have no idea what to do. I’ve had such trouble finding a job that doesn’t involve caregiving that I’ve pretty much given up and really would rather start my business. However, that doesn’t solve the immediate problem. I think I’m going to do what I used to when I was in high school… fundraise. I mean, it’s not AS shameful as panhandling right? Once February starts, I’m gonna start selling Costco chocolate. I know what other option I have. I don’t want to be Laura Ingalls, washing the dishes in a bucket, forever.

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