Spam Musubi: Pocket Sized Comfort Food

Oh you deliciously shaped meat, you!

Oh you deliciously shaped meat, you!

Ugh. I’m so bummed about the kitchen. I’m even more bummed than when I lost my Ray-Ban Wayfarers at TJMaxx, and if I haven’t told you, I love me some sunnies. I’ve been trying since 4AM to distract myself from it. I cleaned, I internet-ed, I even made a kitchen plan on Nothing could distract me from the blues. Then! It hit me. What’s the one thing that has been distracting me all January? Cooking! I figured it was a good time to make some comfort food.

As a Filipina-American, Spam is definitely one of my top comfort foods. I could have it any time of day as long as it’s with rice (though pan-de-sal isn’t half bad with it). I remember having to hide my love for the rectangular shaped goodness in school because “EWWWWW who would bring a spam sandwich to school?!” But then I went to the magical place known as Hawaii and was transported to a place I was going to call home.

My time in Hawaii was short, but not without a great feeling of belonging, at least foodwise (they drive kinda slow for me). They had so many great “exotic” foods that I like to eat. And everyone looked like my grandma, who loved to wear muumuus. Yep. Hawaii is awesome.

Mandatory Musubi Making Merchandise.

Mandatory Musubi Making Merchandise.

The House of Annie has some really good tips on making musubi (most of which I didn’t use because well… I didn’t have it)

Photo Jan 29, 7 53 55 AM

Use short grain rice. This was difficult to mold.

It's a musubi flower!

It’s a musubi flower!

I had Tang with my musubi to feel extra filipino. It was a great breakfast, though I had to eat a truffle afterwards because regular Spam is so salty, I’m no longer trained to eat that one haha.

Photo Jan 29, 8 22 54 AM


1 can of Spam
Soy Sauce
Sugar (just a tad)
Cooked Rice
Nori Seaweed Wrapper

– Cut Spam into equal parts and fry. Add a bit of soy and sugar on top of each piece. Repeat after the flip.
– Cut Nori into Spam length pieces (or less if you don’t like seaweed
– Put cooked spam in the middle of the nori.
– Add rice onto of Spam. (Don’t be stupid like me and try and mold freshly cooked rice. Also, we should go buy the musubi mold. My hands still feel warm)
– Wrap nori over spam and rice stack, sort of like wrapping yourself in a blanket burrito, except without the part that tucks over your toes. (if the end piece doesn’t stick to the nori, dab some water onto it)
– Enjoy. (I feel like I’m missing a step. Ah well, I gave you a link. Don’t trust me. Trust the link. The blogger is from Hawaii :p)



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