Gaining Momentum: New Stuff and Hopefully Better Days Ahead


Can you read what it says on the photo? I can’t tell being on the tablet. Today, my keyboard came in the mail and I thought I’d try out the WordPress app on my Nexus 7. I’m not so sure how I feel about it just yet. I like the keyboard, but the app just isn’t as good as what I get on my laptop. I guess I’m the type that will always prefer a laptop to a tablet. Though, I’ll try an iPad before I officially decide how I feel about tablets in general.

The past few weeks have been a tough up and down sort of deal, but I definitely think I’m gaining the momentum that I lost about a month before. There are certain things I see with clearer eyes, especially about the Sweet, Sweet Business. The revelations do make me sad, but it just means that the official business will be on the back burner for now, at least until I figure out everything about business. I will still work on recipes and sweets making, as well as hopefully catering some events, but the farmer’s market stand will have to wait.

I have been writing and writing and writing, maybe not to the amount that is necessary to complete my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, but a little bit every day, thanks to the help of Miss Kitty, who I can also use as my scapegoat for distracting me from actually writing anything because I never actually write once she gets there. I’m glad for the company and the morning talks are definitely therapeutic. I just have to get there earlier from now on so that I can get down to business and defeat the Huns. If you don’t know where that’s from… judging you.

I have had a few setbacks in the happiness department, but overall, I feel better, which is what counts, right? No one is ever 100% happy all the time. The ability to persevere through the sadness is really what I’m looking for. I’m working on it and it’s getting a teeny bit better. Now if only I could get over my fear of people.

I think tonight will consist of more writing and logging in my final word count for camp. I’m going to try out this office suite app that I got and hope that it’s good enough to satisfy my needs until I can get another mac.

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Quick Pic: Chicken and Booby Pasta


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Week In Review: April 14-20 Pasta and Almonds

Photo Apr 21, 3 05 09 PM


So two things to talk about before I get to this “week in review.” First off, this isn’t really a “week in review” as much as it is a “MEESH was supposed to blog about this two days ago, but got lazy post.” And in a totally unrelated second. I rented The Hobbit last night. I asked Daddy Bee how he felt about it this morning (as I only got halfway through before I got sleepy) and he said, “It’s not so good.” GASP! Shock! From what I watched of it, I am enjoying watching my husband (one of many, Richard Armitage) be a smouldering shortie. But really I probably wouldn’t like it if it weren’t for my sexy man being in it. I’ve got a brain like that. Well, on to the bloggery! Continue reading

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Slow Cooking

Photo Apr 14, 1 08 44 PM

I completely forgot how much cleaning chicken grosses me out. It’s so gross and slimy…. and GROSS. It makes me gag, literally. I don’t know if time will make it better, but thankfully its ickiness doesn’t deter me from eating chicken. Though I remember the first time I had to clean chicken, I don’t think I did it again for a while. Continue reading

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Quick Post: Whine of the Day

WordPress doesn’t have enough cool themes 😦

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Writing and Munching

Photo Apr 14, 7 26 20 AMYou know, that Talenti Gelato is totally worth the four bucks. First of all, the Caramel Cookie Crunch is freaking AMAYSING and then it comes in this totally awesome thick plastic container, which being Big Momma Bee’s daughter means that I’m reusing this thing until it becomes questionable. I filled it with some WalMart (I know, I know, but I’m broke and it’s cheap) “Indulgence” Trail Mix. I’ve decided, after discussing eating habits with my good friend Miss Kitty, that I would become a muncher. I mean, if I snack on some reasonably “healthier” snacks, I should stop with the wonky binge eating that I’ve been awkwardly doing. It’s really annoying to binge eat. I see the food and I KNOW I shouldn’t finish it if I’m full, but somewhere in the back of my mind, something tells me to finish what’s on my plate. I need to stop having eyes bigger than my stomach, as my mom says.  Continue reading

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Photo Apr 13, 7 24 43 PMIt’s been so long since I’ve made a proper dinner. I’ve been in such a funk, I’ve pretty much only made potato soup, fettucine alfredo, and frozen pizza since I made the sinigang last month. I’ve been feeling better, though hazy, so I decided to make something more interesting than tilapia sinigang.

Dinner today was a parmesan crusted chicken with broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes. I used a canned gravy, thinking it’d be okay, but it was actually really bland! I might eat some ice cream for dessert, because that’s really all I’ve got… besides blue velvet truffles.

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Oh Towering Heels, Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Three for $20. Cheap shoes are clearly not the way to go.

Three for $20. Cheap shoes are clearly not the way to go.

I wish I could walk in heels. I used to wear them in high school, though I don’t know if I carried myself well in them. And since I’ve gained all this weight, I haven’t really walked consistently in them because there’s really no need. I love the way they look though, whether cheap or expensive, I love a good high heel.

I bought these shoes when I was planning my birthday, which didn’t go as planned, so I scrapped the shoe idea altogether and went with flats instead. I’d left them in the car for ages and then left them in the garage until today. I tried on the cute suede-ish nude shoe and attempted to walk. I lost my balance and SPLAT! Meesh is down! Meesh is down! But thankfully nothing hurts except my pride. In my defense, upon further inspection, one of the heels was not straight. That’s what I get for buying cheap shoes, I guess I’ll just wear them when I’m here in the office and typing away. It’s too late to return them, though places like that don’t usually have a return policy.

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A Boring Blog Entry featuring Broccoli

Photo Mar 19, 6 47 01 PMThe best days are definitely the days when you wake up feeling down and you still accomplish all the things you’re supposed to do. As you know, I’ve been feeling pretty bad these past few days and I was planning on cancelling both my appointments today, but instead, I decided to put on my big girl panties, suck it up, and go to both. Not only did I get all my things done, I also made sinigang!  Continue reading

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A Very MEESHY St. Patrick’s Day: Not-Corned Beef and Kim Chi Cabbage and actual Irish Goodies

I have a fancy whiskey glass somewhere... I just don't know where it is.

I have a fancy whiskey glass somewhere… I just don’t know where it is.

It’s a blue Monday here at MEESHYland, well it was a bit of a blue evening last night as well. That’s why this entry is a day later than I wanted, though you wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t say a damn thing. I’m enjoying the last bit of my homage to Ireland with a bit of Jameson, which isn’t so bad.  Continue reading

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