The Chocolate and Pink Zombie Cake Truffles: Part Two

Top to Bottom: Cookie Dough Truffles, Pink Zombie Truffle, Choco Zombie Truffle

Ahh red velvet cake… it’s so tasty in little wee ball form… UNLESS… IT LEAKS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCARY TRUFFLE CAME TO LIFE! Panic in MEESHYland!

Photo Jan 28, 3 56 01 PM


Well, other than the weird oozing that happened after I dipped them, they were pretty good for box cake truffles. I’m thinking it was the cream cheese not liking the heat of the candy melt thingies. I’ll add the “recipe” down at the bottom.

So I rolled up my cake and cream cheese mixture into 53 little balls. It would have been more, but Big Momma Bee took a few slices for work before I mixed it all together. I then put it into the fridge in hopes it would harden up a wee bit, to make it easier to roll into the melted candy coating. I took a nap to pass the time. I would have stayed on the internet, but I’m fairly sure I’ve reached the end of the internet.

Photo Jan 28, 8 25 24 AMI woke up and put on pandora on my “smart” TV and started to make the big mess that seems to go with my cooking. Chocolate was melted and I thought I’d try out a new color today: pink. I was going to try white with my cookie dough truffles but I got the bright idea to put food coloring into it and well… it didn’t happen. Shh… I’m trying to block that misadventure from my mind.

I don’t know if it’s just me or the way cake is, or if the pink candy melts are made differently than the cocoa ones, but the pink kept giving me bald spots. I checked my chocolate ones and well, they’re less bald.

They're like the creepy friend your dad has that makes you call him uncle. Bald spot and everything.

They’re like the creepy friend your dad has that makes you call him uncle. Bald spot and everything.

After I rolled them all, I decided to decorate the chocolate ones a bit because of the cookie dough truffles I also have in the same box. I hate when you go to bite something and it turns out to be something completely different than you expected. I only had three left to decorate and then I had a pipe jam.

Piping Fail.

Piping Fail.

They’re pretty good, though I’m sure that they would taste better with real red velvet cake…. and less zombieness.


1 box red velvet cake (and its required ingredients, read the package, what do I have to spell it ALL out for ya?)
1 package cream cheese
1-2 packages Wilton’s candy melts. Pick the colors. Go crazy.

– Make cake as it says on the box.
– Take cake out of the oven, let it cool
– Take cake back to your house
– In a large bowl add package of cream cheese (sans wrapping and box) and mush it up a bit (that’s a technical term)
– Crumble cake over mushed cream cheese (you can remove the darker crispy parts if you’re into presentation and eat them afterwards nom nom nom)
– Take clean!!!! hands and mix cake and cream cheese until blended together.
– Cover with plastic wrap and put into fridge until you’re ready to roll it… or if it’s not sticking together.
– Roll into wee balls. (I like to use a melon baller for reference and then about halfway through, wish I could throw the damn thing across the kitchen because the mix gets stuck in it.)
– Follow directions for melting candy melts.
– Roll balls in melty goodness (I use two forks for this)
– Let set.
– Dig in!!!!

PS: Sorry about all the fuzzy pics. I hate my hands most of the time.

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1 Response to The Chocolate and Pink Zombie Cake Truffles: Part Two

  1. Rose says:

    LOL! “well… it didn’t happen. Shh… I’m trying to block that misadventure from my mind.”… You need a candy/baking rack. *adds that to my list*

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