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The Insanely Busy Weekend: Food, Gifts, Food, Brakes, Food, Baking, Food, Music…. and FOOD!

This is gonna be a long post, so I think I’ll work my way backwards. Sunday Tonight, I went to my first LA show. My friend and I went to watch a band called Handsome as Sin. I had a … Continue reading

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A Guilty Girlie and Smuggled-in “Contraband”

I just got home, but before I entered my house, I stuffed a few things into my very large handbag. Even though Big Momma Bee’s not home to get mad at me, I know she would be very mad to … Continue reading

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Nutella Hand Pie: Because Nutella.

I went to go check pull my laundry out of the dryer (I put it in last night, as usual) only to find out that stoopid me forgot to turn it on. What a fail. These hand pies…. are also … Continue reading

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Getting Things Rolling on The Sweet, Sweet Business

It all started a few weeks ago when I had a little money in my bank account. Birthday money. I ordered a handmade stamp on Etsy, figured out a name, and haven’t looked back since. I’m working on recipes and … Continue reading

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God Bless Alfredo and all of his Descendants

Today, while it started out kinda sad, has been a good day. I am currently in food coma status… trying to eke out this entry while feeling so deliciously full from Fettucine. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman who … Continue reading

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Banned from Baking: Purple Velvet EVERYTHING!

My beautiful car, Optimus Roo, needs new brakes. And NOW. But alas, like all things, I need to wait until the 15th. When I told Big Momma Bee about my tattoo, I started off with the worse news, which made … Continue reading

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All Good Things Come to an End?

Well, I woke up from my nap feeling rather low. I was going to blog about the carne asada fries I made for breakfast, but to be honest, I don’t really feel like it. I wasn’t actually going to blog … Continue reading

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Which Jason Will Reign Supreme???

Here at MEESHYstadium a challenger has come to try and take the crown from the current Jason! Which Jason will reign supreme? Only the human test subjects can say! Today, on Iron Sweets! Clearly I should try and get to … Continue reading

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Can’t sleep? Make food! Salsa!!!!

Well I guess that coffee I had did its job. I can’t sleep. I have no real idea why. I’m a bit anxious about life, but not depressed about it, which is always good. I was going to attempt to … Continue reading

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OOTD: Curly Girlie Night Out

I hadn’t planned on going out tonight. I was going to just play around with my curling iron, lament at the fact that my room is in shambles and I don’t want to clean it because staph (really, that’s just … Continue reading

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